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Weaver Engineering works in the field of Behavior Prediction of Mechanical Systems. As a consulting service, we have performed a wide variety of mechanical and weldment design, failure analysis, finite element analysis, and thermodynamic simulations since 1992. We strive to find an economic solution for our customers, whether for a high production, weight critical, or a one-off item.


Design and prediction of load bearing material and apparatus constitutes the bulk of our work, often involving detailed calculations for connections - welded, bolted and riveted; dynamic transient conditions, simulations involving material plasticity, damage and creep; and thermodynamic calculations. Our portfolio includes numerous fatigue critical end market products involving crack growth calculations or classical s-n with cycle counting.


We have assisted in the design of numerous load bearing plastic parts: injection molded, rotomolded, vacuum formed, and machined of most engineering and commodity polymers as well as several elastomers and composite lay-ups. Other specialty classical, linear, non-linear and dynamic fea analyses are shown on our work history summary and FEA samples.


We offer physical measurement and testing. We have a small laboratory and shop with high speed, precision data acquisition hardware, signal conditioning, in-house data acquisition software, thermocouple welding, inverted and sterio zooom microscopes with precision imaging. We have designed and made a variety of specialty transducers for coupled systems involving measurement of displacements, loads, flow and motion.


In addition to using a selection of commercial FEA and Engineering software, Weaver Engineering develops and has access to specialty FEA calculation tools to assist in our efforts toward behavior prediction. Among these our commercially sold FEWeld software for weld post calculations.

Our computer programming expertise for FEA processing is available as well.  We work in C++, Java, Python and MySQL.


Michael Weaver, PE.
Specializes in engineering of welded machinery and structures.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University and Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington. Mr. Weaver was awarded the A. F. Davis Silver Medal for contributions to structural design in welding from the American Welding Society as well as the AWS District Meritorious Award.