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FEWeld Introduction

FEWeld is a general mathematical tool for calculating weld requirements to meet performance criteria from the results of finite element analysis with shell elements.  FEWeld calculates and organizes weld size requirements and other design parameters.  A database driven GUI manages multiple weldment configurations (corresponding to multiple FEA Models), welds, load cases, and evaluation criteria simply and effectively.  The program comes with a standard library formulations for Single and Double Sided Fillet and Partial Joint Penetration welds.  The formulation library is user extensable with a ‘C’ like formulation language that will optimize weld design parameters given an objective such as minimizing weld volume and constraints such as allowable throat stress.  The formulation is evaluated at each node of a weld for each load case with the local load and stress data available in the local weld joint coordinate system.  The calculation results are easily browsed as plots along the joint length for each configuration-weld-load case, or as the worst case across all load cases.  Professional summary reports are also generated.

FEWeld is implemented for Ansys , Cosmos and Femap on Windows XP and 2000. It is not currently available for sale