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Weaver Engineering uses FEA as a tool to assist in design for strength, fatigue resistance, stiffness, stability, impact, or resonance. We can build a FEA model from most likely forms of geometry definition: Drawings, datasets (iges, dwg, dxf, prt -Pro Engineer, sat -ACIS, parasolid - Solid Works), physical samples, or sketches.

We use Cosmos/m for finite element analysis of problems involving static, transient and steady state mechanical dynamic and heat problems, general contact, and non-linear problems. We have a wide variety of in-house tools for post calculations such as rainflow analysis, other damage predictors, and weld analysis .

FEA Samples
Below are samples from some of the modeling that we haveperformed:
Analysis for Welded Truss Connections for SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge Retrofit and East Half Replacement

cutterhead Tunnel Boring Machine Cutterhead Parts.

Crane Trolley Structure and Three Bearing Hoist Drive Shaft Fatigue, Allowable Misalignment, and Stiffening

Bus Hoist Platform Weldment

Aluminum Casting, Class 8 Truck
Cast Aluminum Dental Chair Base
Misc Multibody Contact
Impact Sled Impact of Structural Foam Cabinets on Tractor Trailer Sleeper
   Epoxy-Glass Wing and Components