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Much of our work involves the design of weldments for load bearing applications. Weaver Engineering has broad experience applying FEA to welded machinery and structures against both fatigue and extreme loading prediction criteria. We work with your welding or manufacturing engineers to develop joint designs and material choices that match their fabrication preferences and meet the strength requirements. Alternatively, we will detail joints intending to give the fabricator as much leeway as possible while meeting the strength and quality assurance requirements.

Often, our work is governed by the requirements in the welding codes. We have extensive experience with the engineering and procedure qualification requirements in AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS/AASHTO D1.5, API RP-2A-LRFD, the AISC Manual of Steel Construction, and the Specifications for Aluminum Structures. We have also worked with the ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Codes to a lesser extent.

Weaver Engineering has a several resources in welding fabrication and inspection we draw upon for expertise.   Notable in it's support of our customers is
The Dwight Company (J. Dwight), a weld lab providing weld qualification testing, welding procedure development, distortion control plans, and general metallurgical engineering and laboratory services.

Finally, we have on several occasions presented one to two day courses on application of FEA to analysis of weldments ... in conjunction and independent of presentations on FEWeld.

Below are samples from some of the modeling that we haveperformed:
Weld Distortion Control Plan and Procedure, Stiffening to elliminate Motor Mount Resonance.

Analysis for Welded Truss Connections for SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge Retrofit and East Half Replacement

Tunnel Boring Cutterhead Fatigue

Bus Hoist Platform Weldment
Crane Trolley Structure and Three Bearing Hoist Drive Shaft Fatigue, Allowable Misalignment, and Stiffening

Effective Notch Stress Calculations

Crack Growth Calculations